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Conceptual Design

03 2013

One of our design/engineer team members will be selected to champion the client's project based upon both their technical expertise and intuitive grasp of the new product to bring a value added approach to the design and engineering efforts. The Conceptual Design is the first phase of the product development process and provides the assigned GID designer the opportunity to collaborate with the inventor on all details regarding fit, form, function, ergonomics and aesthetics. During this crucial phase consideration will be given to the tooling and manufacturing process requirements to ensure that the product can be cost effectively manufactured and packaged ready for distribution. These manufacturing considerations, coupled with a comparison of domestic versus off-shore manufacturing sources, will be continually evaluated throughout the entire product development process. Only when the client has approved the conceptual design will we move forward to the next phase of the development process. The entire conceptual design is developed in 3D computer aided virtual design, thus eliminating the cost of physical mock-ups. This also enables us to test the product virtually and make on the fly changes with you in real time. The conceptual design phase is crucial to the overall success of the project because it drives the remaining design & development processes.