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EPOCIT, a Carrying Case for iPod, by Product Design Company – Keep Your Portable Pleasure with You

11 2014

iPod by Apple has certainly taken the music industry by storm. It totally refined the ways how the music is sold, packaged, and enjoyed. Before the arrival of the iPod, no one even imagined that music could be offered in such a tiny package. Being truly useful, portable, and gem among the music devices, iPod is truly an expensive package and if not cared properly, the hundreds of dollars spend on it can easily be wasted.

Innovative Carrying Case for iPod by GID

Apple has enhanced the durability of the product; however, the iPod cannot withstand constant abuse, such as dropping it, exposing it to water, crushing it, exposing it to extreme heat, etc. Thankfully, some inventors and product manufacturing companies have designed and developed carrying case for iPod. Looking at the rising need of innovative carrying cases for the iPod, at GID, we designed an out-of-the-ordinary protective carry case, which was named EPOCIT, for iPod with detachable magnetic disc slips. This was a novel move by the product designers at GID that allows the users to securely connect the iPod to their clothing without restricting straps and unreliable clips. For images and videos, please click here: http://bit.ly/1wZBCRj

A client approached GID with a concept of protective carrying cases for iPod; however, the main emphasizes was to come up with a fresh and exclusive product that wasn’t available in the current market. After several studies and market research, a collection of data was put on the table to come-up with trendy iPod protective cases to suit everyone’s taste.

EPOCIT – An Innovative Carry Case for iPod

“EPOCIT” is the name of the protective iPod carry case conceptualized, designed, and manufactured at GID. EPOCIT, an iPod carrying case, was designed to protect and personalize your iPod. Normally, carrying case for iPod in the market comes with different kinds of clips or straps; but EPOCIT was introduced with one-of-the-kind magnetic disc slip. The innovative approach of magnetic disc slip by product designers at GID made it easy for end-users to securely connect the iPod to their clothing without restricting straps and unreliable clips. The unique magnetic attaching device allows the attachment of the iPod closer to the ears; hence, avoiding the obstruction of earpiece cable during listening the music.

This case makes it easy for you to take your gadget with you and listen to your favorite music while running, walking, riding bicycles, and during many other physical activities. Here are some of the most impressive features of EPOCIT, and they are as follows:

  • The iPod easily and securely snaps into the E-Pocket
  • A detachable magnetic disc slips underneath the clothing
  • The E-Pocket self-positions on the outer surface of the clothing and securely locks onto the magnetic disc
  • Excess ear piece cable is wrapped around and locked into the outer channel of the E-Pocket
  • The iPod can be released from the E-Pocket to tune, change channels/volume without having to detach the E-Pocket from your clothing and be easily snapped back into place

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Available in different colors to express your own personal taste, EPOCIT by GID is designed to protect the iPod while in use along with earbud and cable. With this case, you can carry your personal pleasure with you. With decades of industry experience, at GID, our product designers and engineers excel in manufacturing flawless custom products for different business entities such as medical, automotive, aerospace, and more.

If your business or end-users often demand for fresh and innovative new products, then come to us, as we have all the expertise and technologies to transform your product idea into something moneymaking. To talk to our product designers and engineers, or to have tips on how to develop a new product, contact us at http://www.gidcompany.com/contactus.