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GID, a Product Development Company, Introduces The Bird Banquet for the Entire Bird Lover Community

09 2014

Are you a bird lover? Are you searching a multipurpose, decorative bird feeder? Or, do you want to create a haven in your garden for different bird species? If you are waving your head positively with a cute smile on your face, then here is something really interesting for nature lovers like you. GID, a USA based product design and development company, has introduced a multipurpose bird feeder, which has been named “Bird Banquet”. Latter is a stylish and functional “Bird Feeder” creatively designed to avoid the intrusion of squirrels and rodents from stealing the bird’s food supply. To see the images and description of the Bird Banquet, please click here: http://www.gidcompany.com/portfolio-details/bird-banquet


Based in California, GID is a new product manufacturing company that loves to help entrepreneurs in bringing their innovative product ideas / concepts to life. With almost two decades of experience in their respective industry, they are one of the best players in the game, who knows, what to develop, how to develop, and when to develop in the most efficient way. With a unique collaboration of designing and manufacturing skills at their core, they vow to bring the insight, latest tools and ingenious procedures under-the-single-roof necessary to launch a successful product in the market.


“Bird Banquet” is one-of-the-kind and innovative bird feeder that was designed and developed by GID for its client. After thorough discussion about the feasibility of the concept with their client, product designers and engineers at GID analyzed every possible method to arise with a never before product in the market. The most economical yet efficient manufacturing process was followed to offer the product at the most affordable price to end-users.


Addressing the press conference at the launch of The Bird Banquet, The Head of the Manufacturing Department at GID stated, “Bird Banquet” is a fashionable and functional Bird Feeder technically designed for today’s modern nature loving generation. This piece of art will not ensure the nourishment requirements of your fine feathered friends, but is attractive enough to attract all types of birds and nature lovers in your surroundings.


While explaining some out-of-the-box features of the Bird Banquet, he further added, “Keeping in mind the damage caused to feeders by invaders such as squirrels, the material and method of manufacturing are such that the intruder cannot damage or destroy ‘The Bird Banquet.’ Moreover, it is easy to clean, assemble, install, and refill the bird feed. Its stylish appearance is carved to enhance, your garden or background.” Click here for images and description of the product.


For more information about the Bird Banquet, please feel free to visit http://www.gidcompany.com/portfolio. As ever, if you need any more information on new product design or development, then just give GID a call on +1-714-323-1052 and they'll do their best to help you. GID is a reliable and established product development company with talented teams of product designers, engineers, project managers, and marketing experts. To share your new product concept / idea with GID, or to see their powerful product manufacturing portfolio, please visit their official website: http://www.gidcompany.com/