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Protect and Pamper Your Knee with this ultra-comfortable Knee Pad Designed and Developed by GID

09 2014

The knee is one of the most important organs in the human body, having a little protection of its own – a thin layer of skin and muscle over the kneecap or patella.  Oftentimes, while playing some sports, we accidentally injure our knee, tearing ligaments or muscles in the process. According to experts, using knee pads during certain sports and exercises can drastically reduce the chances of serious knee injury. Knee pad is an extremely essential sport accessory as it not only protects your knee, but also transfers the thrust of impact from the knee to the brace.


With an aim to help sportspersons and other health-conscious individuals across the globe, GID, a Product Design and Development Company in the United States of America, designed and delivered highly comfortable and durable kneepad at the request of their client. As per the client’s requirements and guidelines, GID designed, prototyped, manufactured, and launched a unique set of kneepads that insures continual knee protection under any circumstances. Visit GID’s online portfolio at http://www.gidcompany.com/portfolio to explore features of the kneepad, and GID’s proficiency in the field of custom product manufacturing.


Client’s Concept for Knee Pad

Initially, when the client approached GID with a concept of a strapless kneepad, as the knee pads with straps are uncomfortable to many, the product designers and project managers technically suggested a Wurk-Pad clip-on design as a solution to the problem. They mutually agreed, along with the client, to proceed ahead with the manufacturing of knee pads based on Wurk-Pad clip-on design devoid of any annoying straps. These sets of innovatively designed knee pads by GID are intended to offer unmatched comfort and protection to their wearer. Additionally, an individual can wear them all day long, because they offer a lot more padding and protection than the scraps of cardboard.


About Deliberate Features of Kneepad, Designed and Developed at GID

After a thorough market research about what end-users exactly require, GID calculatedly came up with a lightweight Knee Pad that is tough, durable, and designed to last for ages. Extremely comfortable while standing, walking, running, and kneeling, these Knee Pads offer a protective padding, which is required for safety, comfort, and support of the knee. The added advantages of these knee pads are their one-of-the-kind adjustable feature that will adjust to the specific shape of an individual’s knee to promote more freedom of movement, protection and comfort.


Features that are Beyond Ordinary

  1.          Combined shell construction with three layers interlocked to latching mechanism
  2.          Durable and corrosion proof materials of construction
  3.         Unique latching mechanism for repeated attaching and detaching


About GID’s Solution for Knee Pad

GID designed, developed, and manufactured the clip on Wurk-Pad® that met and exceeded the client’s expectations by overcoming the challenges related to a mechanism that securely latched the knee pad to the trouser leg, provided ease of attaching and removing, had a non-skid outer surface, afforded comfort, and delivered durable construction.


About GID

GID, a new product manufacturing company located in California, provides different companies with custom product development services to meet and exceed the globalization, time-to-market, and operational efficiency objectives of product development. Utilizing all the latest techniques and tools for product design such as CATIA VS Virtual 3D Software, they are confident of serving different business entities such as Aerospace, Defense, Medical Industries, Consumer Industry, Automotive, and many more.

At GID, they have qualified teams of product developers, designers, project managers, and marketing experts with the potential to support key business objectives by manufacturing out-of-the-box products that meet both consumer needs and at the same time strictly obeying industry regulations. For more information about GID or for custom product development contact GID (California, USA) at www.GIDCompany.com or call them at +1-714-323-1052.