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Soccer Hinge – A Portable FIFA Legal Soccer Goal Designed and Developed at GID, USA

12 2014



According to Wikipedia, soccer is the third most played team sport in the U.S.A, behind only basketball and baseball/softball. As more than 13 million Americans love to play football; there constantly arises the need for high quality sports gear and other tools, including football cleats, gloves, t-shirts, portable soccer goals, and many more.


To satisfy the rising need of football accessories in the USA, one of their clients approached GID with an amazing concept of Portable Soccer Goal, which can be easily carried from one field to another without any difficulty. This portable soccer goal demonstrates many out-of-the-box features, and it is designed to sustain rugged play while efficiently meeting soccer rules and regulations. Please visit, http://www.gidcompany.com/portfolio-details/soccer-hinge to explore more about this custom designed soccer goal.


GID, a leading product design and manufacturing company in California, officially announced the launch of its innovatively designed and developed “Portable Soccer Hinge” – an innovative line of portable soccer goal, durable and transportable. One of the clients approached GID with an impressive concept of transportable soccer goal that will allow soccer-lovers to take their game or practice anywhere.


After thoroughly understanding the idea and client’s requirement, the team of product designers and engineers initiated the process of sketching the designs for the respective product. After several attempts of product designing, redesigning, and prototyping, GID finally came up with one-of-the-kind Portable Soccer Goal, which is transportable in the real sense. This uniquely designed portable soccer goal (known as Soccer Hinge) is so handy that it can be easily transported for soccer camping trips and family events.


“We are delighted to announce the availability of “Soccer Hinge,” said one the GID’s spokespersons at the product-launching event. He further added, “We have been able to design and deliver a unique soccer goal for our client that has the appearance and playability of a tradition goal with the added advantages of durability, ease of transportation, and safety. It is for everyone, soccer coaches, trainers, and players of all classifications who are constantly searching for access to reliable and FIFA legal soccer goals for practice and competitive games.”


Features of Soccer Hinge – A Portable Soccer Goal


1.       Soccer Hinge is made up of specially formulated engineered plastics that could be injection molded to precise tolerance were incorporated into the design.

2.       Precise interlocking of outer housing to the integrated mechanism component for a rigid structure   was achieved.

3.       Easy and intuitive assembly during manufacture.

4.       Integral release and locking device permits both folding and locking in place.

5.       All outer surfaces are smooth and obstruction free to avoid damage to a soccer ball.


One of the most impressive aspects of Soccer Hinge is its inbuilt mechanism. A hinge mechanism with integral gearing allows the soccer goal to be folded into a small enough overall size to permit easy transport and storage. Material used for its construction can easily tolerate the stresses created by large spans, rugged play, and the high impact of a well kicked soccer ball.


For more information on “Soccer Hinge – a Portable Soccer Goal”, please visit, http://www.gidcompany.com/portfolio-details/soccer-hinge. To have words with product designers and engineers at GID, call them at +1-714-323-1052. GID is a product design and manufacturing company based in California, USA, offering electric, plastic, and metal product manufacturing at an unparalleled equation of cost, quality, and time to market. Contact GID at http://www.gidcompany.com/contactus to manufacture new, custom product with features to make it successful.