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Tips by GID, a Product Manufacturing Company, for Instantly Developing Your Product from Scratch

09 2014

Custom product development is at the core of any manufacturing company. In order to sustain the fierce competition in their respective market, entrepreneurs are pressured by customers and competitors to continuously develop and launch new products. New products help entrepreneurs to conquer new market horizons. Here are some winning product development tips, by the GID, a product manufacturing company, to ensure that your new product is developed and launched in no time.

New Product Development Tips


1.       If you believe your product idea is totally unique, then it is essential that you protect it by registering it to http://www.uspto.gov. This, indeed, is a good move if you plan to raise funds down the road – because potential financiers want to see that the idea has value and protection as Intellectual Property. You cannot file for a patent after the product has been offered “for sale”, so secrecy is important.

2.       Make sure you have effective marketing plans ready for your product. Remember , nothing can sell itself without any help, no matter how good the product or  concept is. It is important to cleverly advertise a product than it is to have a unique product idea – although a good product is necessary for a long-lasting success.

3.       Once an opportunity has been recognized, take a deep breath and think about the complete strategy to take the benefit of it. Think about technology development that needs to happen.

4.       Create a prototype and use it to build sales and find potential customers. Use the same as a source to attract potential customers involved in offering genuine suggestions. A working prototype of your product idea can certainly boost your confidence.

5.       Hire a reliable product manufacturing company that you feel comfortable with, because the manufacturing process should be continuous and quality oriented. A good product development company allows you to focus on the issues and not get misled by distractions. Remember, resources are rarely both inexpensive and effective; therefore, if you find one of these precious gems, grab them immediately.


Engineering plays a crucial role in new product manufracturing, however marketing, sales, and manufacturing processes are crucial too. A winning new product comes from the combination of insights from all areas. For more information on custom product development, feel free to contact GID at www.gidcompany.com/contactus


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