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Top 3 Advantages of Product Prototype Development Explained by GID, California

11 2014



Product prototype development is a process wherein a fully functioning model of product-to-be-developed is created with the aim to test its features like design, ideas, functionality, performance and efficiency. The process of product prototyping is a bit complicated, but has countless advantages if executed professionally. Here, GID – a reputed product design and development company located in California explains the top 3 advantages of product prototype development.


Top 3 Advantages of Product Prototyping are as Follows:


Offer a Real Life Demonstration for Potential Financiers


A prototype is a working model of the product to be developed, done to exact dimensions and features to a smaller or larger scale. Prototypes are particularly essential as they offer a clear picture of products that are still in beta stage, and whose requirements are not completely known. Only a professionally developed prototype can offer you the chance to touch, see, and test the functions of the product to be developed. With the help of a prototype, you can get answers to questions such as will it actually work or not? Does it need any modifications? Will it succeed in the market?


Reduces Excess Development time and Cost


A prototype model allows you to test the concept of your product and discover any errors in it. With a functioning product prototype in your hand, you have an opportunity to correct these errors, or look for solutions that can improve your product. Product prototype development increases the chance of success. Eventually, the time and cost of manufacturing can be drastically reduced by fixing the problems before initiating the bulk manufacturing process.


Increases User Participation in Product Development


Product prototype development is the best way to collect the feedbacks and reviews from the potential investors, marketers, engineers, and customers so that the product can be refined and improved at the initial stage. Users can examine the functionality of the prototype and give valuable feedback. Luckily, by developing a quality prototype to trade shows, exhibitions, or focus groups, reviews / feedback can be solicited from potential customers to help refine and improve the product in the way they want. This normally increases the chances of success.


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