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Cool Bin

About Product:

CoolBin is an ultra-modern, stylish, and fully automatic trash can that not only kills bacterial and viruses but also stops the spread of bad odor. This 100% touchless trash can is lead to you more hygiene waste management. This fully automatic and touchless trashcan ensures 100% hygiene and protection from harmful bacteria, germs, and bad odor.

CoolBin is an exclusive trashcan that comes with in-built UV lights and a compressor to keep your family protected from bacteria and bad odor. The built-in compressor eventually slows down the decomposition process and the UV lamps kill bacteria and germs in the waste. It comes with powerful sensors that keep the lid open for almost 60 seconds for easy dumping of the garbage.

If you aim to keep your family protected as well as your indoor space free from bacteria and viruses, then CoolBin is the most innovative trash can that can support your cause. CoolBin is extremely stylish, slim, and sleek; hence, it can be used anywhere including home, hospitals, offices, and malls to name a few. This anti-smell and anti-bacterial trashcan can be used to collect food scraps, pet waste, medical waste, stinky waste, and no-chemical by-products.

Product Features:

Below are the exclusive features of CoolBin:

  • It has built-in UV lights to kill bacterial & germs
  • It has a built-in compressor to slow down the decomposition rate
  • It is a fully automatic, touchless trashcan
  • It has powerful sensors that keep the lid open for almost 60 seconds
  • It offers protection from bacteria and bad odor
  • It is lightweight, sleek, and portable

This exclusive trashcan is the best friend of everyone who loves clean and hygiene space. Take a step towards making your home clean, healthy, and smart with our CoolBin – an automatic trash bin.


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