Product Prototype Development – Difference Between Alpha & Beta Prototypes

Product Prototype Development

For an inventor, product prototype development is essential. After all, a product prototype is a physical manifestation of a mere idea, which can serve different purposes. For one, a product prototype gives a clearer picture of how the potential product will look like. With a product prototype, the inventor can also test the various functions of the potential product in the real world. Read More

Outsourcing: The Best Approach to Introduce a New Product in the Market

product Design and development

A couple of decades ago, entrepreneurs and small companies had to do everything themselves when they wanted to introduce a new product in the market. These days, as the technology advances and people demanding more and more revolutionary products, doing everything in-house may not prove to be possible, at least, economically. Read More

Engineers who can Help Bring your Product Concept to Reality

Product Development Engineers

Product development, especially for a budding inventor, can certainly be a daunting task. It is very important that you, as an inventor, get in touch with the right engineers in order to breathe life to your product. However, oftentimes, it can be very confusing what kind of engineers you require in order to develop your revolutionary product. Read More

Common Mistakes During New Product Development

Common Mistakes During New Product Development

The success of a business enterprise entirely depends upon its products and innovations. Good products and innovations arise from efficient product development strategies. Numerous new products hit the market every week, but not many actually yield the kind of return that the enterprises had expected. So what seems to be the problem?

Most businesses often miss out on several important aspects of the product development process, which ultimately factors to the failure of the entire project. Read More

Products with Imbedded Software – What are They?

Products with Imbedded Software – What are They?

Products with imbedded software are those that are controlled or operated by a computer software. Though not entirely, at least some or most functions of the product are controlled by a computer software. Some of the most common examples of products with imbedded software are cars, robots, toys, consumer electronics, household appliances, medical devices, industrial machines, and military equipment. Read More