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Concept Development Corporation based in California

A leading Concept Development Corporation such as GID (Get It Done) provides rapid, agile, cost-effective design & development of our client’s new product ideas through careful integration of all required services. GID – A reputable product development company can take the dead time and frustration out of the often-difficult transitions from an idea to R&D and a market-ready product by smoothly taking the client’s conception through design and into efficient production.

This concept development corporation multidisciplinary team specializes in finding elegant solutions to difficult problems by recognizing that truly effective answers must deliver total user satisfaction within a robust product that can be produced reliably and at the least cost. Offering high-quality product development California, this product development company is determined to help our client’s individual or corporate growth by allowing them to concentrate attention on core activities.


Concept Development Corporation is a dynamic hub of creativity and innovation. With a passionate team dedicated to transforming visionary concepts into tangible realities, we specialize in the art of turning ideas into market-ready products. Our rigorous ideation process, combined with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to excellence, enables us to bring your unique concepts to life. From initial brainstorming to prototyping and beyond, we’re your trusted partner on the journey from idea to innovation. At Concept Development Corporation, we don’t just create products; we shape the future.

Concept Development Corporation - Product Design and Development Services in California, USA - GID Company

Members of the GID team have worked in a wide variety of industries, some having commissioned and managed manufacturing plants, with responsibility for bottom-line results. Other members have expertise in 3D Digitizing of free form shapes derived from models we design and sculpt from our client’s idea. Being an experienced product development company, we can assure a smooth path from new product idea inception through setting up world-class manufacturing operations.

GID has extensive experience in injection molding and all plastics processes, material selection, castings, machining, extrusions, sheet metal, electronics, software development, firmware, electromechanical devices, optics and production assembly automation. GID is the one-stop solution for product development, Tooling design and fabrication can be achieved in one-third of the time and cost of conventional approaches with our expertise and use of CATIA V5, the state-of-the-art 3D virtual design software supported by IBM’s Product Life Cycle Solutions. This product development company has enough experience due to working with high-tech, automotive, computer, instrumentation, medical, consumer, and recreational products.


What We Do


To start, we work with you at no cost so we can present a well thought out and meaningful project development proposal tailored to your specific product idea. Experienced in bringing ideas to life, we’ll take you on the journey from concept to reality!

We investigate your expectations including short and long term goals to capture your vision. Next this product development company allocates selected stages from our proven design and development process to obtain a successful and profitable result for you.

We bring your ideas to life. It’s complicated but we love it!

Our Team

Team means Together Everyone Achieves More

Kevin Grimes
Kevin Grimes - GID Company California USA

Director of Logistics

Kevin Grimes has over 10 years experience in warehousing, fulfillment, and international trade. He learned the hard way from the bottom up by running errands and processing 1 or 2 shipments a day upon request. After paying attention to details and learning the business, he built a warehouse into his own masterpiece. Now, individual shipments go out in the hundreds daily, and others are also are brought in through customs from oversees. Kevin also visits the GID factories throughout Asia every couple months. He is very hands-on with the international logistics. He believes it plays a huge part in keeping the final product competitive by coordinating the most efficient ways to package and palletize shipments for freight.

Kevin Grimes

Director of Logistics

Kevin Grimes has over 10 years experience in warehousing, fulfillment, and international trade…

James Grimes
Jim Grimes - GID Company California USA


James Grimes is the engineering and design leader and mentor at GID Development Corporation. As President, CEO and Chairman of several corporations, Jim specialized in the marketing and manufacturing sectors utilizing his physics and mechanical engineering background to develop products ranging from military components, consumer goods, and automation tools to medical devices. He holds design and feature patents with a reputation for coordinating product design and manufacture from creation to final production. Jim has been the keynote speaker for product specific development techniques for many of his Fortune 500 clients such as Apple Computer, Union Carbide, Mattel Toys, Hewlett-Packard, GE, and Dassault Systemes. Additionally Jim has accepted invitations to speak to local groups on subjects ranging from the integration of clean manufacturing facilities into densely populated communities to student development programs for future industries.

James Grimes


James Grimes is the engineering and design leader and mentor at GID Development Corporation…


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