Our Proven 12-Step Product Development Process

A collaborative journey from concept to market-ready reality, guiding your product from its initial spark of inspiration to a solution that meets your business goals and delights your target audience.

  • Discovery
    We embark on a collaborative journey to understand your vision, target audience, and business goals. We conduct thorough market research, competitor analysis, and user surveys to uncover insights that will guide the development process.
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    Discovery - GID Company
  • Ideation
    We unleash our creativity and brainstorm a wide range of innovative product concepts. We encourage out-of-the-box thinking and explore multiple design directions to identify the most promising ideas.
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    Ideation - GID Company
  • Concept Development
    We select the most viable concepts and refine them into detailed designs, incorporating user feedback and market insights. We create visual representations, such as sketches and 3D models, to bring your product vision to life.
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    Concept Development - GID Company
  • Feasibility Analysis
    We rigorously evaluate the technical, financial, and commercial feasibility of your chosen concept. This involves assessing potential risks, identifying manufacturing challenges, and developing strategies to mitigate them.
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    Feasibility Analysis - GID Company
  • Design & Engineering
    Our team of skilled engineers and designers translates your concept into a detailed, manufacturable design. We optimize for functionality, aesthetics, user experience, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring your product meets the highest standards.
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    Design & Engineering - GID Company
  • Prototyping
    We build physical prototypes to test and validate your product's design, functionality, and user experience. We iterate on the prototype based on feedback and testing results, refining it until it meets your exact specifications.
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    Prototyping - GID Company
  • Testing & Validation
    We subject your prototype to rigorous testing to ensure it meets performance, safety, and quality standards. We gather feedback from users and stakeholders to identify any potential issues and make necessary improvements.
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    Testing & Validation - GID Company
  • Refinement
    Based on testing and feedback, we refine the design to optimize functionality, usability, and manufacturability. We iterate on the design until it meets your exact specifications and expectations.
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    Refinement - GID Company
  • Manufacturing
    We partner with trusted manufacturers to produce your product efficiently and cost-effectively. We oversee the manufacturing process to ensure quality control and adherence to design specifications.
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    Manufacturing - GID Company
  • Marketing & Launch
    We develop a comprehensive marketing and launch strategy to introduce your product to the market and generate excitement among consumers. We leverage our expertise in branding, advertising, and public relations to create a buzz around your product.
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    Marketing & Launch - GID Company
  • Post-Launch Evaluation
    We monitor your product's performance in the market, gathering feedback from customers and retailers. We use this data to identify opportunities for improvement and ensure your product remains competitive.
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    Post-Launch Evaluation - GID Company
  • Ongoing Support
    We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your product continues to meet the needs of your customers and remains at the forefront of innovation.
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    Ongoing Support - GID Company
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