GID's unique Product Development Process

1Client Interview

Jim invites you to join him in a friendly discussion regarding your Project.As the first important step for custom product prototype development, we meet with you for a…

GID Company - Product Design Company USA
GID Company - Product Design Company USA

2 Product Scope Development

GOAL: BY UNDERSTANDING YOUR VISION AND EXPECTATIONS WE CAN MAKE YOU RICH! To start, we work with you at no cost so we can present a well thought out and meaning…

3 Ideation

At our product development company in California, our designers and engineers, utilize their unique skill set to generate abundant ideas about how to best ac…

GID Company - Product Design Company USA
GID Company - Product Design Company USA

4 Virtual Concept

Being a professional product development company, our first tangible step in the design process is for the designer to create their vision of your new product …

5 Functional Design

During the custom product manufacturing, the design effort takes another important step toward reality as the virtual 3D concept is morphed into functional vers…
GID Company - Functional Design
GID Company - Electro-Mechanical

6 Electronic / Electro Mechanical

During our injection molding manufacturing process, the internal workings of products with electronic and/or electromechanical functions are developed as a disc…

7Software Firmware

If a new product design requires a software or firmware during or after the injection molding manufacturing, a feasibility study is conducted at the …

GID Company - Software Firmware Product Design Service California
GID Company - Mechanical Structure

8 Mechanical / Structure

During this key design and development step, the structural shape, appearance, and construction of the new product are determined. It must provide an exact fit …

9 Integrations

Assimilation of each function and feature into the final integrated product design confirms the compatibility between the structural shape, internal workings, s…
GID Company - Integration
GID Company - Prototype Models

10 Prototype / Models

A product prototype development is a critical element of the design and injection molding manufacturing process. Our product development company accomplishes two phases: Alpha and Bet…

11 Pre Tooling & Testing

Designing the production tooling is the next essential step. Design is guided by prototype test data to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective manufacturi…
GID Company - Pre-tooling
Production Branding Service California USA

12 Production Branding / Web Development

Product management from the point-of-manufacture to end-user ownership includes order entry, export/import, inventory control, and domestic shipping and…

13 Production/ Product Fulfillment

Being a renowned product development company, our product management from point of manufacture to end-user ownership includes order….

GID Company - Production Fulfillment