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GID Company is a well-known and trusted product development company in California, USA. This Concept Development Corporation (GID = Get It Done!) provides rapid, agile, cost-effective design & development of our client’s new product needs through careful integration of all required services. GID Company can take the dead time and frustration out of the often-difficult transitions from an idea to R&D and a market-ready product by smoothly taking the client’s conception through product design and into efficient production. Having years of experience and expertise, our product development company offers exceptional product development services including product prototype development and product design services in California.

The professional experts of this excellent product design and development company will not only understand your vision and idea, but will also assist you to get the estimated fortune by providing unique product design in California. Keeping your short and long-term goals in focus, GID (Product Design Company in California) can offer you an effective strategy and support to accomplish them all. The trust and faith that our valued customers have in our product design & development company give us the strength and motivation to come up with unique and out-of-the-box ideas for product design in California.

With the guidance and effective efforts of our expert professionals, you will be one step closer to achieving your business goals. Want to know more about how our concept development corporation can help design and develop a new product? Watch our informative YouTube Videos.

Product Design and Development - GID Company - California, USA

The Process

Our Core Services

GID has a unique and focused way of strategizing and planning the process when it comes to product design and development.
We believe in giving equal importance to each and every step in our effective product development process.
Have a look at Our Core Services we offer for product prototype development.

Our Recent


Having years of experience and expertise in product design and development, GID has been successful in crafting better products out of clients’ ideas. Navigate through Our Portfolio to visualize the projects developed by us.

Bicycle Sunshade
Bicycle Sunshade is a bicycle accessory that is designed to protect a rider from the sun and its harmful UV radiations. This lightweight and durable accessory is made from a special mesh material that reflects almost 80% of harmful radiations It allows you to enjoy cycling on the beaches and mountains without worrying about getting drained sunburn.
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Fishing Pole Protectors
A Fishing Pole Protector is the most unique and necessary fishing accessory that each and every person should have when going fishing
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Safe Box and Light
Canopy Buddy is a safe box with light, specially designed to keep your valuables and things safe. With Canopy Buddy by your side, you will not have to worry about opportunistic thieves trying to steal your important things such as Ornaments, Credit Cards, Mobiles, Keys, etc.
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Cool Bin
CoolBin is an ultra-modern, stylish, and fully automatic trash can that not only kills bacterial and viruses but also stops the spread of bad odor.
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Bird Banquet
Bird Banquet is a stylish, functional, and patent pending “Bird Feeder” technically designed to prevent the intrusion of squirrels and the like from raiding the bird’s food supply and damaging the feeder.
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Reptile Cage
Alike others, if you are planning to include a reptile as your new family member, then here we bring you the most comfortable dwelling for them. Affordable and easy to use, Reptile Cage is a safe and comfortable containment for your new pet (reptile).
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Awards & Recognitions

James Smith
James Smith
The team of product designers and engineers are great at GID Company. They are very good at working on turning the product ideas into reality. I would highly recommend this product development company in California as GID Company actually follows all the defined commitments.
Kevin Grimes
Kevin Grimes
Smart people and good price. All in one. They do conceptual design, engineering, prototypes, help get patents, manufacturing in China, USA, and others. Best friend to a regular inventor.


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