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About Us

GID Development Corporation (GID = Get It Done!) provides rapid, agile, cost effective design & development of our client's new product needs through careful integration of all required services. GID can take the dead time and frustration out of the often-difficult transitions from an idea to R&D and to a market ready product by smoothly taking the clients conception through design and into efficient production.

The GID multidisciplinary team specializes in finding elegant solutions to difficult problems by recognizing that truly effective answers must deliver total user satisfaction within a robust product that can be produced reliably and at the least cost. GID is determined to help our client's individual or corporate growth by allowing them to concentrate attention on core activities.

Members of the GID team have worked in a wide variety of industries, some having commissioned and managed manufacturing plants, with responsibility for bottom line results. Other members have expertise in 3D Digitizing of free form shapes derived from models we design and sculpt from our client's idea. Because of this experience we can assure a smooth path from new product idea inception through setting up of world class manufacturing operations.

GID has extensive experience in injection molding and all plastics processes, material selection, castings, machining, extrusions, sheet metal, electronics, software development, firmware, electromechanical devices, optics and production assembly automation. Tooling design and fabrication can be achieved in one-third of the time and cost of conventional approaches with our expertise and use of CATIA V5, the state-of-the-art 3D virtual design software supported by IBM's Product Life Cycle Solutions. This experience has been gained working with high-tech, automotive, computer, instrumentation, medical, consumer and recreational products.