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Where to Start?

Where to Start - Product Development Company California – GID Company

Client Interview

Jim invites you to join him in a friendly discussion regarding your Project.

As the first important step for custom product manufacturing, we meet with you for a design conference to learn about your new product idea, your vision for it, and your expectations for success. It is very important to protect your intellectual property and the proprietary rights to your idea, so we always execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement—which we provide—prior to any in-depth discussion. This two-way interview and learning step allow us to review your documents and learn the details of your new product design so that we can customize our process and incorporate those steps that will be essential to bringing your idea to fruition. It also allows you to get to know us and learn how our design and development process works so you can ascertain if our product development services are what you looking for. The design conference is the important first step in our ongoing collaborative efforts.

Our design team will then review the results from the interview and determine:

  1. Are we qualified to offer our design and custom product development services for your specific project?
  2.  Can we meet your expectations?
  3. Can we bring any added value to the project by improving upon your original new product idea?