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Soccer Hinge is a portable soccer goal designed to tolerate rugged play, meet regulations and for easy transportation from field to field and from field to storage. It is for everyone, soccer coaches, trainers, and players of all classifications who are constantly looking for access to durable and FIFA legal soccer goals for practice and competitive games.

The most impressive aspect of Soccer Hinge is its inbuilt mechanism. A hinge mechanism with integral gearing allows the soccer goal to be folded into a small enough overall size to permit easy transport and storage. Material used for its construction can easily tolerate the stresses created by large spans, rugged play, and the high impact of a well kicked soccer ball.

Product Features:

  • Specially formulated engineered plastics that could be injection molded to precise tolerances were incorporated into the design
  • Accurate interlocking of outer housing to the integrated mechanism components for a rigid structure was achieved
  • Easy and intuitive assembly during manufacture
  • Integral release and locking device permits both folding and locking in place
  • All outer surfaces are smooth and obstruction free to avoid damage to the soccer ball. To develop your idea from concept to reality, get in touch with our experts to commence your product development process with our trusted product development company in California.


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