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Bicycle Sun Shade

About Product:

Bicycle Sunshade is a bicycle accessory that is designed to protect a rider from the sun and its harmful UV radiations. This lightweight and durable accessory is made from a special mesh material that reflects almost 80% of harmful radiations; thereby ensuring your safety from the sun. This gem among the bicycle accessories allows you to enjoy cycling on the beaches, mountains, or wherever you want without worrying about getting drained sunburn.

Product Features:

If you love cycling for staying healthy or to commute within the city limits, then you might also be knowing that how harmful it is to ride a bicycle when the sun is high. To overcome the issues caused due to the sun and its harmful radiations, Bicycle Sunshade was designed and developed by the GID Company.

Bicycle Sunshade is a bicycle umbrella that can be easily attached and detached from a bicycle to keep the head and upper body parts protected from the sun. Quite better than the ordinary bicycle umbrellas offered in the market, Bicycle Sunshade offers you complete protection from the sun without hindering or obstructing your ride.

Below are the exclusive features of Bicycle Sunshade:

  • Universal design to fit any bicycle model
  • It is adjustable, foldable and canopy-styled
  • It offers protection from the sun and UV rays
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It does not off-balance or obstruct your ride or view
  • It is easy to attach and detach

This exclusive bicycle accessory is the best friend of everyone who loves cycling. To learn more about its uses and features, you can also watch the video on YouTube at


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