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Bird Banquet

About Product:

Bird Banquet is a stylish, functional, and patent pending “Bird Feeder” technically designed to prevent the intrusion of squirrels and the like from raiding the bird’s food supply and damaging the feeder. This piece of art will not ensure the nourishment requirements of our fine feathered friends, but is attractive enough to attract all types of birds and nature lovers.

Its key to success is the mechanism integrated with it. In order to counter the invasion of squirrels and their fury relatives that out size and out weight birds, a mechanism is integrated with the perch. When a bird land to feed, the weight of the bird would allow them access to the food; however, the heavier squirrel’s weight would close the access to the food chamber to prevent the theft of the bird feed.

Bird Banquet is one of its kind Bird feeders. Keeping in mind the damage caused to feeders by invaders, the material and method of construction are such that the intruder cannot damage or destroy The Bird Banquet. Additionally, it is easy to clean, assemble, disassemble, install and refill the bird feed. Its stylish appearance is carved to enhance your garden or background.

Product Features:

  • The natural position of the feeder is with the feed chambers closed
  • When a bird lands on the perch the feed chambers are automatically opened
  • When the bird departs from the perch the feed chamber automatically closes
  • In the event a squirrel gets onto the perch its excess weight automatically closes the feed chambers
  • When the squirrel departs the feeder automatically returns to the natural position with feed chambers closed
  • Construction consists of easy to access sub-assemblies for bird feed replenishment and/or cleaning of the feed chamber … no tools required

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