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About Product:

Catch Cam is a device for amateur and competitive sport fishermen (Angler) who loves to keep some sort of record of their catches, whether it be for food or catch & release bragging rights. With the help of this device, you could easily tell the whole story of the caught fish and provide the evidence that would satisfy a tournament judge and/or impress family and friends.

If you enjoy fishing, then this device is specially designed for you to collect the data related to length, weight, and photographic evidence that would validate your catch. It is a rugged, water proof, handheld device that would weigh, measure, and photograph a fish caught by the angler. Further the device would also capture and store the data, including the actual date and time of the catch all of which would be imprinted on the photograph and made available for download at a later time.

Product Features:

The device has a screen with a simple and intuitive user interface that would display each step of the weight, measurement and photo process allowing the angler to accept and store or reject and repeat each step. A clever trigger mechanism that with an input the angler’s one click of the trigger will select the first process step followed by two-clicks to store and move onto the next step. By continuing with one click the user could repeat the step until satisfied with the results. All user inputs are driven by the embedded software and sophisticate electronic circuitry.

The Catch Cam product included an ingenious fish clamp mechanism integrated into the housing that would not harm the fish permitting the angler to easily control and position the fish for the measurement and photo processes and then release the fish back to wild or to a storage tank.

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