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EPOCIT - A Carrying Case Designed to Protect & Personalize Your iPod.


About Product:

EPOCIT is a carrying case designed to protect and personalize your iPod. It is the novel approach of magnetic attachment, which allows the users to securely connect the iPod to their clothing without restricting straps and unreliable clips. This unique magnetic attaching device permits the location of the iPod closer to the ears avoiding earpiece cable obstruction due to the shorter distance and the built in cable wrap.

With EPOCIT, now, listen to your favorite music while walking, running, riding bicycles and engaging in any other physical activities.

Product Features:

  • The iPod easily and securely snaps into the E-Pocket
  • A detachable magnetic disc slips underneath the clothing
  • The E-Pocket self-positions on the outer surface of the clothing and securely locks onto the magnetic disc
  • Excess ear piece cable is wrapped around and locked into the outer channel of the E-Pocket
  • The iPod can be released from the E-Pocket to tune, change channels/volume without having to detach the E-Pocket from your clothing and be easily snapped back into placeTo develop your idea from concept to reality, get in touch with our experts to commence your product development process with our trusted product development company in California.