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About Product:

This super lightweight Knee Pad is tough and designed to last for ages. Comfortable while kneeling, standing or walking, Traditional Knee Pads offer a protective padding, which is required for safety, comfort and support of the knee.

We designed, developed, and manufactured the clip on Wurk-Pad® that met and exceeded the client’s expectations by overcoming the challenges related to a mechanism that securely latched the knee-pad to the trouser leg, provided ease of attaching and removing, had a non-skid outer surface, afforded comfort, and delivered durable construction.

Product Features:

  • Combined shell construction with three layers interlocked to latching mechanism
  • Durable and corrosion proof materials of construction
  • Unique latching mechanism for repeated attaching and detaching. To develop your idea from concept to reality, get in touch with our experts to commence your product development process with our trusted product development company in California.