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Reptile Cage

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About Product:

Reptile Cage:
Alike others, if you are planning to include a reptile as your new family member, then here we bring you the most comfortable dwelling for them. Affordable and easy to use, Reptile Cage is a safe and comfortable containment for your new pet (reptile). It is designed, developed and manufactured to effectuate all end-user’s demands and expectations.

Product Features:

Reptile Cage is lightweight, hence it is easy to transport, handle and maintain them. The mesh ventilation enables good ventilation, and the item is fully sealed so can be filled with water. It is easy for feeding and cleaning.

  • Finished assembly consists of form fitted aluminum frame components that capture glass or Plexiglas side and viewing panels, top grated and access panels, and sturdy bottom panel.
  • Bottom panel sub-assembly is easily accessed for cleaning
  • Top panel consists of air grate and viewing panels that are easily secured and accessed for food and reptile placement and removal.
  • Knock down construction allows for compact packaging of pre-assembled sub-assemblies for low cost shipping.
  • User assembly is easy and intuitive
  • Precise frame components easily and securely interlock and are light weightTo develop your idea from concept to reality, get in touch with our experts to commence your product development process with our trusted product development company in California