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About Product:

Steri-Write is a sign-in pen sterilizing product developed for doctors, who wants to put a check on the spread of infection and germs via Sign-in pen. The product is innovatively designed to automatically sterilize the sign-in pens before and after each individual use, thus eliminating the transference of germs and infections from patient to patient and from patient to medical staff, all of whom come in contact with the sign-in pens.

Product Features:

STERI-WRITE is a device that would house multiple sign-in pens in a container with an integral UV sterilizing chamber. A patient or medical staff would approach the apparatus, and with the wave of their hand over an optical sensor would be presented with an individual sterilized sign-in pen from the presentation chamber. Upon completion of use, the pen would be returned to the Steri-Write apparatus and inserted into the return chamber.

Each pen has its own compartment that is secured to a disc both of which rotate in a choreographed manner to present the pens to the sterilization chamber for a predetermined amount of time and eventually available for use by patients and staff. A program was developed that would provide the intuitive function of the device and ensure that a pen could not be presented for use that had not been thoroughly sterilized.

The team overcame every challenge and finally came up with a product that exemplifies a harmonic synchronization of mechanical, electronic and programming expertise.

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