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About Product:

Vertical Skate aka VSK8 is a skater for beginner skaters and elder skaters who wants to return to the fun and exercise of roller skating. Compared to today’s quad and in-line skates, VSK8 has lower centre of gravity (CG) as its wheels are placed outside of the skate platform. Its unique axle and suspension system provides self-articulating front and rear axles for significantly improved agility and maneuverability for the skater.

Product Features:

In each VSK8, elimination of the integral shoe or boot is accomplished with an upper leather harness interlocked into the monocoque chassis that overlaps the skater’s street shoe for a secure and comfortable fit. The harness is fitted with multiple adjustable straps and latching mechanisms, which safely fasten shoe to the chassis.

It is also provided with embedded toe and heel brakes offering the skater with a variety of ways to slow or stop skating unlike conventional skates that usually have only one brake attached to the heel of one not both skates.Using the standard VSK8, an aggressive skater ‘Vertical Skater’, can grind on curbs, pipes, and rails as well as address the vertical walls of skate parks and completion rinks. The integral suspension system tolerates the extreme stress and load presented when the vertical skater lands after achieving challenging vertical heights.

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