Willis Auxiliary Power Systems

Auxiliary Power System is a power unit designed for class 7 and 8 diesel trucks that would permit the main engine to be shut down and yet provide all the necessary power for driver’s comfort. Now utilizing this power unit, drivers can shut down their main diesel engine and can still have an operation of appliances, battery charging, maintain engine block temperature to prevent problems associated with “Cold Starts” and can keep the diesel fuel at recommended temperatures to prevent gelling.

The Auxiliary Power System is highly fuel efficient and consumes only 0.2gal/hr. compared to the main engine at idle, which consume 0.8-1.5gal/hr. Also the APU provides significant emission reductions compared to the idling of the main engines which according to DOE estimates are responsible 7.6 million tons/yr. of CO2, 140,000 tons/yr. of NOx and 2,400 tons/yr. of CO.Particulate matter is completely eliminated via special filtration of the exhaust from the APU’s small diesel power plant.


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