What is IoT Prototyping and Why Do You Need It

If you have an idea for an innovative IoT product, you need a reliable and experienced partner to help you turn it into reality. You need a partner who can understand your vision, validate your concept, and deliver a functional and feasible prototype. You need a partner who can provide you with rapid, agile, and cost-effective IoT prototyping services. You need GID Company, a leading product development company in California.

What is IoT Prototyping and Why Do You Need It?

IoT prototyping is the process of creating and testing preliminary models of IoT devices to ensure efficient product development. IoT prototypes are used to evaluate the device or system’s feasibility, functionality, and usability before committing to full-scale production.

IoT prototyping is essential for several reasons:

  • It helps you test your idea and assumptions in a real-world scenario and get feedback from potential users and stakeholders.
  • It helps you identify and solve technical challenges and risks, such as security, scalability, and interoperability.
  • It helps you optimize the design and performance of your IoT device or system and improve the user experience.
  • It helps you reduce the time and cost of product development and increase the chances of success in the market.
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How Can GID Company Help You with IoT Prototyping?

GID Company is a product development company that can take your idea from concept to market in a fast and efficient way. We have a multidisciplinary team of engineers, designers, programmers, technicians, and project managers who can assist you with every stage of your IoT prototyping process. We offer the following services:

  • Concept Development: We help you define your project objectives, scope, and requirements and create a clear and detailed specification for your IoT prototype.
  • Product Design: We help you create a user-friendly and attractive design for your IoT device or system, using state-of-the-art 3D virtual design software such as CATIA V5.
  • Product Development: We help you build a functional and feasible prototype for your IoT device or system, using the latest technology and tools for hardware, software, and cloud integration.
  • Product Testing: We help you test and validate your IoT prototype, using various methods and metrics to ensure its quality, reliability, and performance.
  • Product Launch: We help you prepare and launch your IoT product in the market, using our expertise and experience in product marketing and distribution.

Why Choose GID Company as Your IoT Prototyping Partner?

GID Company is not just a product development company, we are also a partner in your success. We have the following advantages over other IoT prototyping companies:

  • We have years of experience and expertise in product development, working with various industries and markets, such as medical, consumer, industrial, and recreational.
  • We have a unique and focused approach to product development, using our proven process, methodology, and guarantee to deliver innovative and high-quality products for our clients.
  • We have a flexible and agile way of working, adapting to your needs and preferences and providing you with customized solutions and support.
  • We have a transparent and collaborative way of communicating, keeping you informed and involved throughout the product development process and ensuring your satisfaction.
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Contact Us Today and Get Started with Your IoT Prototyping Project

If you are looking for a trusted and experienced IoT prototyping partner, look no further than GID Company. We are ready to help you with your IoT product development needs and make your idea a reality. Contact us today and get a free consultation, a quote, or a meeting. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your IoT product development project. You can Call Jim at +1714-323-1052 or You can like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter as well.

Best Outsourced Product Development Company in California

Outsourced product development is the best approach if you want to outsource some of your projects or work related to product development due to the lack of time and resources. Product development outsourcing, as you may know, is a process in which companies outsource product development to third-party companies. The process can be beneficial for both the company and the outsourced company as they both can focus on their strengths and weaknesses respectively.

The benefits of product development outsourcing are numerous. One of the most important benefits is that the outsourcing of product development allows companies to focus on their core competencies. It also allows them to reduce costs by using an outsourced company with lower overhead costs than their own. Such an outsourced company will focus on the aspects of development that they are good at, while a company that is not good in these areas can focus on its strengths.

Hence, the outsourcing process allows companies to create marketable products faster and more efficiently than they could do by using only their own resources. Outsourcing will help both the partners, the giver as well as the  taker. As product development outsourcing can be beneficial to both partners, a lot of companies are now bending towards this approach and hiring an experienced and expert product development company such as GID Company.

Product Development Outsourcing and Its Cost Estimation

Product development outsourcing is an important decision for any company that wants to be competitive in today’s global marketplace. However, when it comes to any new possible option for the growth of the business or organization, a company or business owner will always take the cost or investment into account. The cost of the product development outsourcing is important and can impact the overall profit and benefits of any business trying to outsource a part or entire project of product design and development.

Product development outsourcing can be a cost-effective and efficient way of developing new products or improving the existing ones. It is a process where the product design and production are outsourced to a third party or companies that are open to outsourced working. The outsourced company may either be domestic or international, but the product design and production are done in their country, not the company’s own country.

Well, there are several benefits that come with product development outsourcing which include,

  • Lower costs
  • Greater access to expertise
  • Improved quality of products
  • Faster time to market for new products  
  • Simplified sourcing process

While some of the drawbacks of outsourced product development may include

  • Fewer opportunities to be involved in product decisions
  • Less control over products that are manufactured by others like there may be variations in quality and design
  • Need to trust the outsourced product development company

Outsourced Product Development Company in California

An Outsourced product development company will focus on the product development process and it is often outsourced to a company that specializes in developing products. The reason for this is because the product development company can provide a better product with better quality.

The product development process usually starts with product ideation and market research. In the initial phase, it will be essential to find out what people want. Experts and professionals will use this information to come up with new ideas for products. Then the idea generation phase comes where the experts will come up with new ideas for products. This is followed by the design phase where they create prototypes of the product.

The professional product developers will create prototypes of these new products and then develop them into finished products that can be sold in stores or online. The main idea of product development is to not put a company at a disadvantage or the end-user. An example of product development is the Nike Air Max shoes. Nike is one of the most popular shoe companies in the United States and they have many products available in stores but if they make periodical changes to their products, it can give them an advantage over other shoe companies like Adidas.

Do you need to get more information about how an outsourced product development company can help grow your business? Let’s schedule a friendly appointment with Jim Grimes, a product development expert in California, USA.

Why Choose GID Company For Product Design and Development Outsourcing?

GID Company is a trusted and leading product design company in California that specializes in the product design, ideation, prototyping, development, testing, and production of high-end consumer products. Our team of well-versed product designers, engineers, and experts has helped us establish a reputation for success with some of the leading companies in America.

Being a leader in product design outsourcing, we are proud to offer international clients a wide range of services from product design to prototyping and development. We have more than 2 decades of experience working with innovative clients in various industries including healthcare, electronics, apparel, and food & beverage. We work with our clients to understand their customers’ needs and help them develop impeccable solutions for their business challenges. GID Company is committed to working with our clients to help them achieve their business goals by developing the best products with excellent features. Some of the benefits of choosing GID Company for outsourced product development in California are as follows:

  • We understand your idea and vision
  • Our professionals help you improve your product concept
  • Cutting-edge tools and technologies
  • Unique and superior quality products

Outsourced Product Development Services

Product development is a process of designing, developing, and manufacturing goods or services that satisfy consumer demand. Companies contract with product development service providers to design and develop their products. Outsourced Product Development Services involve outsourcing product development-related services such as product design, development, prototyping, testing, and marketing to an external service provider. These services are generally more cost-effective for companies as they can outsource the tasks that they do not have the capability or are resourced to do themselves.

Outsourcing the product development services will result in lower costs, flexible working hours, access to new technologies, and rapid development. It will be better to outsource some of your work as it will lead to a product release before the competition. Also, you can get full control of production, marketing, and distribution. For more information on what includes in a product development process, read 

How Much Does Product Outsourcing Cost?

Most people have been adapting the product design and development outsourcing due to the need for specialization in certain areas of production or because the company does not have sufficient resources to produce it themselves. It is a fact that the cost of outsourcing varies according to numerous factors. Outsourced product development depends on,

  • The country in which the outsourced product is produced
  • The type and complexity of the product being outsourced
  • The duration and frequency of the contract between supplier and customer
  • The transfer fees and other transaction costs

GID Company – One of the Best Outsourced Product Development Companies in California

Consider GID Company as the best Outsourced Product Development Company in California. We are a product development company that specializes in designing, developing, and prototyping products for a wide range of industries. We have a strong team of engineers and designers who work together to make sure that they deliver the best product possible. Our team of professionals is well-versed and skilled to deliver a premium-quality product based on the custom requirements. GID Company offers a wide range of services related to product development. If you need any help with product design, engineering, prototyping, quality control, testing, and development, then you can schedule a friendly consultation with us at +1714-323-1052. Contact us now to outsource your product development and related work to get a mutual advantage. You can also follow our official social media handles – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube

Outsourcing: The Best Approach to Introduce a New Product in the Market

A couple of decades ago, entrepreneurs and small companies had to do everything themselves when they wanted to introduce a new product in the market. These days, as the technology advances and people demanding more and more revolutionary products, doing everything in-house may not prove to be possible, at least, economically.

Hiring the right resources, that is, product design experts, product development engineers, prototyping geniuses, marketing gurus, sales whizzes, etc., on a full-time basis, is incredibly expensive, especially for entrepreneurs and small companies. Fortunately, these days, there are several good American product design and product development companies established to whom these small companies and entrepreneurs can turn to when it comes to introducing new products in the market. Outsourcing most of the requirements is a prudent solution, allowing entrepreneurs to get the very best, and only pay the outsource partner when they need its assistance. Here are some of the functions that an entrepreneur can outsource:

Product Design & Product Development

Unless you are a skilled engineer, experienced with creating new products, you will certainly want to outsource the processes of product design and development of your potential product. Even if you are a good engineer, many projects need multiple engineers with multiple skill sets. For instance, any electromechanical product typically needs, at least, a mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer, and an industrial designer who can create a suitable casing or enclosure for the potential product. If your concept is for a product with embedded software, you will definitely need a software engineer.

Further, if a certain portion of an electrical product, mechanical product, electromechanical product, medical device product, or any other product, is complex, you may need multiple engineers with different skill sets. Having such engineers permanently is expensive and not impractical, as you will not need them frequently. For that reason, outsourcing product design and product development is the best approach.

Product Prototype Development

Product prototype development is another important function that you may want to outsource. Similar to product design and product development, product prototype development is a difficult process, which requires experience, multiple skill sets, and adequate product prototyping software and equipment. Having full-time product prototyping experts with vast experience and multiple skill sets is again very expensive. Further, acquiring product prototyping software and equipment is also costly. For that reason, outsourcing product prototype development makes sense.

Bulk Manufacturing

Bulk manufacturing is one of those important functions that you should certainly consider outsourcing. Bulk manufacturing a new product means establishing a suitable-size facility, procuring expensive manufacturing equipment, setting up an assembly line, hiring different personnel, and so on. This involves a colossal investment, which may simply prove impractical or impossible for small companies and entrepreneurs. Outsourcing bulk manufacturing drastically reduces expenses as well as risks.

It will be in the best interest to outsource bulk manufacturing to a USA-based company that is capable of small production runs. Once things start to flow smoothly, you can turn to an Asian manufacturer to raise your profit margins.


Marketing should be the least likely function to be outsourced. No one can do better marketing of your product than yourself. This function should be performed in-house. You can hire several marketing consultants who may perform some research and offer good marketing guidance. Having an in-house marketing team will also provide you a good control over your marketing efforts. Still, if you are a startup with limited capital, you can consider outsourcing the marketing to a specialized agency.


Similar to bulk manufacturing, this is another crucial function that you should consider outsourcing. Sales representatives or manufacturers’ representatives are an important component in just about every industry. They typically work on a commission, so you do not have to pay them anything until they truly generate sales. It is really a prudent decision to outsource sales.

Outsourcing sales function not only saves money, but it also helps you establish and connect to the wide sales network channels. Selling a new product to distributors and wholesalers usually requires a strong connection, which you will certainly gain by outsourcing to sales representatives.

Well, these are certain functions that are worth outsourcing. Some product design and product development companies in the USA can carry out all the functions on your behalf. For instance, check out GID Development Corporation. A vastly experienced product design and product development company in California, USA, GID Development Corporation provides complete A – Z services, from new product design to product fulfillment and everything in between. Whether you want to take a new medical device product, new electromechanical product or any other type of product to the market, GID Development Corporation will assist in every phase. Learn more about GID Development Corporation.

Currently, the leading product design and development company in the US, GID Development Corporation is offering a free 15-minute telephonic consultation with one of the veterans, Jim Grimes. You can call Jim at 714-323-1052 between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST.