New Product Development

How to Develop a New Product

Follow these simple steps to develop a new product or to modify the existing product.

  1. Create an idea for a new product or to modify the existing one.
  2. Analyze how this idea will fit your strategy, market position, and manufacturing skills.
  3. Conclude whether your customers are looking for such products or not. What are the unique sales points of your product? Figure out key risks and summarize a marketing strategy accordingly.
  4. Research the level of competition for your product in the market. Learn from your competitors’ successes and failures.
  5. Build a project team responsible for undertaking and monitoring all necessary manufacturing phrases, including conceptualization, designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and marketing.
  6. Plan everything – conclude which activities must be executed first and which can be carried out later or in parallel.
  7. Plan your budget, goals, and timescales – during product development, frequently analyze your goal at a regular interval of time, and if required, modify the strategy.
  8. Analyze possible risk factors associated with the project such as technical errors, patent licensing, etc.
  9. Pen down product specification and convert special features into product requirements. Focus on key selling points.
  10. Ascertain what price your new product will have.
  11. Design the product based on decisive aspects such as marketing, manufacturing and purchasing requirements.
  12. Create a product prototype. This will help you eliminate all the technical and product issues prior to the time of bulk manufacturing.
  13. Get ready for bulk manufacturing and launch the product at the price ascertained earlier.
  14. Keep on monitoring the product success and explore opportunities for more success.

New Product Development

New / Custom Product Development is a process of designing, prototyping, manufacturing and commercializing new products to benefit targeted end-users. It can also involve enhancing an existing product line (both functionally and esthetically) for a particular market segment. This discipline is concentrated on organized methods for guiding all the processes involved in getting a new product to market.

Product Design

Product Design Services in California by the GID Development Corporation – Key to a Great Product

In the process of new product development, the phase of product design is all about designing a product in an aesthetically beautiful and functionally useful manner. It gives shape to your concept and makes the final product stay ahead of other similar products that are already available in the market. There are hundreds of product design and development companies in the United States, possessing comprehensive experience in conceptualizing, designing, prototyping, and manufacturing a variety of industrial products. However, industrial product design services offered by the GID Development Corporation are more precise, fruitful and industry oriented.

The GID Development Corporation is a product design and manufacturing company based in California, USA. We have a team of highly qualified, experienced, and creative product designers who strive for nothing but the best. They keep on exploring the product development industry to offer solutions that are far superior to ordinary solutions available in the market. Our team of product designers can carry out a wide variety of functions, based on the existing industry trend, competition and research.

At the GID Development Corporation, we have a compact development team that includes industrial designers, electronics and software engineers, mechanical engineers, researchers, prototyping experts, as well as dedicated industry specialists, who lead our product design and development projects. Our thorough, statistics-based design and development procedures are focused on delivering solutions that our customers value, and at the same time ensuring that manufacturing costs are tightly controlled.

We offer professional product design services to different industries, and they are as follows:

Healthcare Product Design Services – At the GID Development Corporation, we have already designed and developed many innovative healthcare and medical devices. Our passion for perfection has allowed us to create countless innovations that allow everyone, from experts to consumers, gain better control over their health. Based on our 40 years of industry excellence, we ensure that technological innovations are transformed into ingenious products that are useful for patients as well as the medical staff.

Automotive Product Design Services – Automotive product design and development is at the core of the GID Development Corporation. It requires expertise in different aspects of engineering such as mechanical, electronic, electrical, software and safety engineering. We have skilled product designers and engineers to help customers overcome industry challenges using the latest product design software such as CATIA V6 and other CAD software applications.

Industrial Equipment Design Services – At the GID Development Corporation, we possess a sound ability to design industrial machinery and systems. Our product designers and engineers feature mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and programming expertise, which allow them to design comprehensive industrial systems solely in our facility.

Sports Product Design Services – We know that sporting product design is nothing but designing a protective gear and enhancing performance to elevate the athlete’s game. Our team of product designers has worked on safety products such as kneepads that ensure safety and comfort both at the same time. Under the hood of sports product design services, we aim to deliver solutions that are far superior to traditional solutions offered in the market.

Apart from above mentioned categories, we excel in designing and manufacturing new products for different business sectors such as fire safety and security, vending, gaming, lifestyle and toys to name a few. Contact us with your concept and we ensure taking your product idea to the next level. With the use of all the latest designing and manufacturing tools, we help you take your products to market faster, ensuring the product design adheres to the regional compliance.

To schedule a free consultation, where you can discuss the feasibility of your concept, contact us at or call Jim at 714-323-1052.

Product Prototype Development

How Product Prototype Development Can Increase Your Credibility and Impress Your Financiers 

Nowadays, every Tom, Dick, and Harry dream to be a businessperson, pitching their newest and greatest new product idea, and searching for someone to lend them money to bring it to life. However, serious confusion arises for investors / financers, as it becomes complicated for them to differentiate between the “Serious Players” and “Wannabes”. If you are an entrepreneur with a new breed of product idea in your mind, then product prototype development is the best way to impress your financers in a single attempt. Product prototyping illustrates your seriousness towards your concept and motivates your potential financers to have a deep appreciation for your concept.

Here are the key elements that as an entrepreneur, you can achieve by developing a product prototype, which are, in fact, the reasons that investors will offer you a completely higher level of credibility as they appraise your startup for funding:

A Prototype Validates your Opportunity – When you wave your arms in the air to explain your upcoming product, everybody perceives what they want to perceive, and it appears awesome. With a fully functional product prototype, you can demonstrate your concept in the real time, you can get accurate reviews from the potential end-users, conclude whether the product is meeting their needs or not, and how much they are ready to pay for your products. Product prototyping is the must step before you invest thousands of dollars for bulk manufacturing.

Quantify the Implementation of Challenges – Most ideas that we come across everyday sounds awesome, but are practically not feasible, or are complex to execute in the existing business scenario. Building a product prototype allows both, entrepreneurs and financers test the feasibility of the concept and allow them to probe the real world challenges. Theory and visions are especially hard to implement. A working model of your concept is real enough to convince your financers and partners.

Give yourself time to pivot without fatal consequences – It does not matter how sure you are about your concept theoretically and practically; a time comes when you have to make certain modifications to match the end-users’ requirements. Every entrepreneur has to accept the realities of continuous change in the current market, and it is very easy to make changes / modifications in the pre-production prototype than to dump unsold inventory.

Shows your commitment and dedication towards your concept – A fully functional prototype of your concept forces your investors to take you and your idea seriously. In fact, the process of designing, developing, and validating a product prototype radically decrease the risk, and encourage everyone to refine the actual costs of going into bulk manufacturing.

Triggers initial communication with distributors and vendors– A working prototype is highly appreciated and influencing compared to a written specification of your concept when you communicate with your potential financers about developing, support, and publicizing. An entrepreneur needs a fully functional prototype to influence the financers and partners.

If you are not skilled enough or are not comfortable to develop a prototype by yourself, then it is time to find and hire a product prototype development company (just like GID in California) that has the expertise and experience to execute the job in the most professional manner. Try to find and hire a local product prototype development company; because hiring the services of a company located outside your country could be hard to manage.

Overall, developing a product prototype is still an impressive way to bring your concept to reality and to impress your potential financers, partners, and customers. There are hundreds of commercial resources available on the web such as GID, which is an established product design and manufacturing company based in the USA. Until today, they have served different industries, including medical, automotive, agriculture, construction, security, and to name the few.

If you require any sort of help, advice, or prototyping assistance, then call GID at 714-323-1052 to talk to our prototyping experts. You can also visit our portfolio to explore our potential in the field of product design, product manufacturing, and product prototyping: