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Virtual Concept

Being a professional plastic product manufacturer, our first tangible step in the design process is for the designer to create their vision of your new product idea. After extended thought and discussion in the ideation process, work is now done in a 3D virtual design world utilizing our state-of-the-art CATIA V5 3D design and engineering software. Deliverables are presented as 3D images and renderings of the design’s concept. As a part of our injection molding manufacturing, you are provided a viewer so that meaningful collaboration can progress with the designer.

Creating a virtual 3D image of your product design allows multiple changes to be made easily and quickly in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Costly physical mock-ups are not necessary. Your feedback and observations are invaluable. Combining them with the design team’s expertise ensures a product that meets your expectations but also considers the manufacturability of the finished product. We have already executed many custom product manufacturing projects; hence, we know that the conceptual design effort is likely the most time consuming stage. It is crucial to the overall success of the project because it drives the remaining steps of the design and development process. Only when you approve the conceptual design is the project moved to the next stage.